On The Lake

Lakes are home to many plants and animals and are a means of transportation and food. This week we learned about fishing, sailboats, swimming, duck, and rocks. We started off the week by fishing for shapes. We cut our shapes and put them face down on the table and our kids would pick up a card and identify the shape!


What colors are fish? We gave each child a fish shape, and we invited them to decorate and color their fish and give them a name. With this activity, we focused on our fine motor skills, visual arts, and writing. When we were done we took them out to our pirate ship and pretended to fish!


I set out an inspirational photo and all the materials for this activity giving our little ones complete control of this project. We observed many shapes and colors! I love how original all of these pictures are and how colorful.


Experience Early Learning Curriculum has the best small group math games for sure. They go with our theme and are engaging to kids of all ages. We save these games and play them over and over! We helped the child count the dots on the die and then count and point to the space where his boat needs to go.


This creative corner activity was so fun and the kids thought the baby ducks were so cute! We invited each child to make a duck headband. We talked about how we could take care of our duck families, and how we care for each other and our families.


What shapes and colors are rocks? With this creative corner project, we traced rocks and gave our kids the option of coloring in their tracing when done. Some chose to leave their projects as is. They enjoyed tracing the rocks the most. What I enjoy about Experience Early Learning Curriculum is the option to change a project as we see fit or how the child chooses to complete it there is no wrong way.


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