Down The River

This week we investigated life in the river, beavers, ducks, and alligators. We also worked on alphabetic knowledge, number sense, visual arts, and writing. With Experience Early Learning Curriculum we are given daily discovery bags with each activity bagged by day. We use our chart to see which hands-on materials are featured. We will write our names, classify river animals and count. We are excited to learn about so many different animals!


Learning about how a river move was fascinating. We learned that rivers can flow through the earth, they can also be straight or curvy, and what types of animals you could see in the river or on the sides. Our preschoolers designed their own rivers in this Invitation to Create activity. They used watercolors, crayons, and blue cellophane.


Would you rather go fast or slow on a boat? Why? Each child was given a game piece. We used the color cards in a pile facedown. Then we would turn it over and move that colored boat one space. The kids understood that when they matched the color card to the color on the game they could move a space. They were so proud.


Our preschoolers love coloring our letter v books. We trace the letter v’s and then color the pictures.


With this activity, we worked on our dance and movement which is always a favorite for myself and my littles! We colored our craft sticks then attached the ribbon and danced to songs. It is fun to watch the kids dancing some move the ribbon intentionally and some are erratic.

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