Clean, fresh water is a valuable resource and a basic need for all living things. Simple routines and games help children learn about the importance of water and how they can conserve it.

This week we investigated the states of water and learned about the rainbow and water conservation. We also finished up this month with letter V and Y.


I squeezed rainbow colors of paint into clear zip bags and encouraged the children to explore mixing and spreading the colors.


We focused on dance and movement with our rainbow dancer activity. Our preschoolers decorated the plate as they desired then added cotton and our rainbow strips. We invited them to hold the rainbow dancer as they swayed back and forth dancing.


What do raindrops look like on a window? How might we make raindrops? Do you have windows in your house? In this activity we focused on investigation and inquiry. We are learned how to use our droppers better each time we do an activity that requires them.


We asked our kids why drinking water is important? We talked about the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated. With our Hydration Station craft we gave each child a chart and encouraged them to color all the sections of their bottle. We reminded them to drink water througout the day and each time they took a drink they moved the clip up.

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