Welcome to my site! A little about me !  I run an in home preschool program,  Yes I am that crazy!  I started this business as a way to be with my children which are 25, 23 and 15.  I was not content on them just sitting around and watching tv.  So 18 years ago this adventure took off, with bumps and bruises along the way,  I have learned so much!  I am blessed to be a part of changing tomorrows’ future one child at a time.

img_4445The children I have each day mainly range from 2-5 during preschool hours then in the afternoon I will have a few aging 5-9.  Life is exciting, trying, funny and amazing!!!  I will be posting here often and am exciting to share with you all my love for children and excitement in becoming a part of MGT!

I am super excited to get started blogging about a day in my life!  Certainly there is never a dull moment, and people constantly ask how do you do it?  So this is my way of letting you all know




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