Life In The Grasslands

During the early years for kids, they start noticing differences and become aware of their surroundings. This week we learned about different cultural traditions. I love when we can learn how other people live, I find the differences in where we live and the traditions we have in different countries are fascinating and the kids do as well.

We enjoyed learning about beads, huts, different kinds of foods, music, and migration. Giving children an opportunity to see how others live around us helps them appreciate diversity in themselves and others,


What do we notice about the colors in the necklace? How can you make different shapes? Will you mix any of the colors? These are a few of the prompts that we used in this Invitation To Create. Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides an Invitation To Create daily so the kids have an opportunity for the lesson to come to life.


Learning about the culture and how others live is an important lesson for all of us. We talked about our homes and explain that a Maasai hut is small and used primarily for sleeping. We pretended the paper people live with the Maasai and talked about the Maasai women gathering sticks, cooking, and building homes.

Experience Early Learning Curriculum is a research-based curriculum that gives us opportunities to have hands-on lesson plans. They keep our lessons interesting and fun! Also giving us adaptations to the lesson and the flexibility we need with all different ages of children.

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