Backyard Safari

Every day we discover things outside what better place to adventure. This week we adventures out to our backyard and investigated beetles, bird and so much more. Experience Early Learning Curriculum gives us many opportunities to take our learning outside. Kids enjoy the change in environment and adventuring outside this week was fun!

Creative Corner – Grass Crown

What types of things might you find living in the grass? We talked about the types of bugs that could live in the grasslands or tropical savannas. We put together our grass hats and the kids put bug stickers on them pretending we have bugs in our hair!


We also learned about birds this week we talked about the Flamingo my kids love flamingos. We decorated our flamingos and talked about what is the longest body part on this bird. We encouraged our kids to stand like a flamingo. We decorated our flamingos with paint and glitter!


We gave each child a feather and encouraged the children to balance the feather somewhere on their bodies. We also enjoyed playing and throwing the feathers into the air and watching them float to the ground.


One of our favorite activities this week was designing our own beetle. We observed the many shapes a beetle could be. We used colored paper to make the beetles and the twist ties for legs. Experience Early Learning Curriculum makes learning fun and simple by providing hands-on activities that encourage fine motor skill development and the creativity to make your project one of a kind.


We set out the shape beetle cards and played a game during circle time. Where they would pick a shape and then I would call out a shape they would have to match. We noticed our kids identified the shape of the beetle and the color.

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