Outdoor Sights and Sounds

Our world is full of different sights and sounds. When we use our senses to gather information we develop observation skills. This week we learned about how to make animal tracks how ice is water and that it freezes and becomes a solid. We also learned about Owls and that they are nocturnal birds and hunt for food and make very little sound when flying. We enjoy learning about the sights and sounds around us Experience Early Learning curriculum provides great hands-on activities to build on the skills we are learning.


What do you notice about the tracks in the photo and on the guide? How can we make tracks with our fingers? We enjoyed using a cotton swab and making tracks! We imagined we were in the forest on a hunt for tracks as we painted we talked about what animal would have a track like that. And boy did they ever imagine the biggest animals!


Snow Owls aren’t they beautiful to look at! We discussed how they look similar to other owls except for their color of feathers. They liked and preferred the snow owl. We first glued down the papers to our owl template and then put the eyes inside. We then used black paint to put the color onto the owl. They look amazing! Our kids felt that our snow owls would only live in cold places and in the snow because of their names. The most fascinating fact about any owl is that they can turn their head in a 360 turn!

This week we worked on vocabulary words tracks, ice, owl, bell, bird, nest, raccoon, and squirrel. The letter Bb, phonic words bear, bell, bird, and the color green. With Experience Early Learning Curriculum we are given opportunities to expand on our kid’s learning and given the supplies needed. This curriculum is research-based meaning that there is a team of professionals researching how children best learn and then providing that information to us. We continue to explore throughout the week with our Steam Stations in areas of Dramatic Play, Science & Nature, Blocks, and Sensory. Building on what we learned throughout the week.

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