Explore how things fly and float what an amazing week! We learned that Airplanes are winged aircraft that are propelled by engines. We practiced flying our planes around the front yard. We talked about what helps an airplane fly and were able to see a few fly by our house. The kids would blow through the straw to launch the planes and see if they would land where they thought. Experience Early Learning Curriculum gives us great opportunities for discussion, way’s to observe, and adaptations if needed. Not everyone learns the same and at the same pace so it’s amazing to have a program that is so versatile.



What shapes do you see on a car? A boat? We set out several shapes and a picture showing the tugboat. They then placed the shapes on the Transportation Design paper! We showed the sequences in the design guide and explained the steps for recreating the boat. They did amazing. I love how they turned out.



Set up – we set up an Inspiration Photo and all materials needed. Our preschoolers were able to use crayons for the oar and paint for the canoe. We discussed if they had been in a canoe or used an oar at this age they had not so we talked about how it would feel to ride in a canoe. We talked about different cultures and how they would use a canoe to provide food for their families.


Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides opportunities for kids to complete projects on their own and in their own way. This sets them up for success and helps them to be proud. We sound out the letters and talk about each picture while we are coloring them. We often use kwik sticks because of the color and then use markers to finish the tracing.

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