This week’s lessons were surrounded by sensory play. Banging on pots and pans baking and smells that would stimulate their senses. These types of activities build on the nerve connections in the brain. We enjoyed a week surrounded by Our Language/Literacy book Rat-a-tat-tat, making sounds with pots and pans, making cookie shapes, and pretending to make and decorate cookies as visual art. Our letter of the week was letter Oo we enjoyed painting our letter Oo book and reading at circle time together. Finishing the week off we painted our very own stocking to lace!

This week although we did not take a lot of pictures we were emersed in learning about the world around us. Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides me with the opportunity to expand the parameters of learning to include so many hands-on activities and STEAM Station projects. Not only are we learning our letter of the week we add in alphabetic knowledge by playing games that involve our Invitation to Create projects. This helps make a complete lesson. Experience Early Learning Curriculum also provides a suggested story each day. If you cannot find to purchase generally you can find an online version.


We decided to cut up small pieces of paper and give our kids markers to decorate their cookies. They enjoyed designing them! We talked about what they might taste like, their flavors, and how many they wanted to make.


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