This week has been so much fun learning about transportation. Our key vocabulary words this week were road, signs, map, bridge, service station, gas, tire, and traffic. Letter of the week was Letter Dd. Phonic words were dog, drum, and duck. And lastly, our basic concepts of the week were the color yellow and our shape was a triangle. Children begin to understand their world at a young age. Learning the way to someone’s house and going there each day, things become familiar and they start to recognize landmarks, houses, and maybe even a special tree. We enjoyed learning about the world around us Experience Early Learning Curriculum makes learning easy incorporating the world around us and making learning fun. They provide research-based activities which makes me happy knowing my preschoolers are getting the best.


Letter Dd Book, We invited the children to trace over the letter D and color the pictures. We also sounded out the letter while we were coloring.


It interested me to watch the kids build their roads and how they processed where they would want them to be. I asked what they saw happening in the picture and they said crazy roads. We ended up using our tube to roll the gravel down in a few of the pictures but most just wanted to put the paper down.



Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides these amazing journals every month, at first I thought my little kids could not do them. We have worked with them monthly and they have come so far. These journals make them feel proud and they feel so big when they work on them. They also become laser-focused as you can see


Traffic Light

Talking about safety on the road is always fun with kids I learned that a few of my parents don’t stop at red lights they run them. So funny you never know what is going to come out of their mouths.


In this activity, we worked on visual arts, self-awareness, logic, and reasoning. I set out all types of supplies and gave the kids an opportunity to design what they wanted their bridge to look like.

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