Enjoying healthy snacks, discovering parts of fruit, and learning about fruit are great ways for kids to get exposed to new food. Learning about how fruit grows helps kids explore the senses. This week we learned about the cherry, orange, and plum trees.


We noticed in our cherry tree photo that the flowers that were on the tree looked light to hold and that they were very small. We loved the pink petals and the dark green of the grass.


Judah was very focused on independently sorting the letters and putting them on the right letters on the mat. He would find the same letter on the Cherry Tree and place the card on it. Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides us with opportunities to observe and note how they process the information they are given and how they independently complete the activity.


In this activity, we have learned about physical science, number sense, and visual arts. This activity was our favorite this week, We decided to cut our orange in slices so they could pretend to have many oranges. Some kids space out their triangle orange pieces and some put them neatly in the circle.


In this activity Experience Early Learning challenged us to work on self-awareness, phonological awareness, and social relationships. We put the pie tin upside down on the poem card and traced it around it. we then taped the poem to the side of the tin. We then proceeded to pretend to pull out the plum.

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