This week we practiced safety rules and experimented with things that go. We focused on the Letter Uu using the phonic words umbrella, underwear, and unicycle. Our color was yellow, and our shape was a triangle. We started our week with the lesson about the Green Car. We also used several adaptations that Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides. This section is at the back of the teacher’s book. Adaptations help kids grow to their fullest potential. Experience Early Learning Curriculum is a flexible curriculum model that exposes kids to rich experiences where they can develop at their own pace.



We created our own Tinker Toys by punching holes in cardboard tubes. We cut the tubes to make different lengths and encouraged the children to insert straw or chenille sticks into the holes.


People can use many different ways to travel one of them is by Horse, we imagined riding all over town on the horse. We talked about we might see a horse and what would you do if we saw one. We decorated our horses today and they turned out so cute.


This project was super cute but required the teacher to put it together. We experimented with how much weight the truck could hold by loading it with several different items. We also talked about how we could make it stronger.


We enjoyed painting our boots and talking about when and where we would wear a boot like this. We then practiced lacing it at circle time and the kids did a really great job! What an excellent way to use our fine motor skills.

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