Seascape – Discover Coral Reef Colors

Wow what a week! The Earth’s five oceans are enormous there is so much we have not discovered. This week we learned about Ocean Water, Ocean Floor, Ocean Cave’s Ocean Plants and the Coral Reef. Experience Early Learning Curriculum provided us with such great Steam Stations and engaging activities this week. Our lessons this week helped us to understand how important the ocean is and what it offers to the earth.


We used eyedroppers to get the paint out of the bowls then put salt on top of the water paint solution. The kids were fascinated how the consistency changed and how the picture looked when the salt was absorbed.


After painting both sides of our plate we folded the plate in half. I explained that when a piece of sand gets inside an oyster shell, it turns into a pearl over time. We watched a few videos as well ! They enjoyed the videos and putting together the beads to resemble a pear.


I used a circle cut out of poster board and put my preschoolers around it. We then took turns rolling a ball into the circle while we made our O sound!


Did our children distinguish between an ocean animal and a non-ocean animal? Yes they did! They decorated the paper bag then glued onto an ocean blue paper. We then cut out the animals and they sorted the animals that were ocean animals and glued them on the paper. Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides all these supplies and a book that gives us a lesson plan to go by. Each day is lined out. They even provide prompts for us to discuss. Which helps with learning and opportunities to discuss our lesson further.


This project was so pretty! We arranged our paper strips to create ocean zones. We explained that many ocean plants lie at the top layer because the sun provides warmth and light. We talked about what might live in the top layer and what types of animals and plants are at the bottom of the ocean.


I love the creativity and colors of this project. We put glue in advance to make the project easier and then let the kids put the straw and peanut pieces on as they wished. Everyones favorite part of this activity was the color and the way that the peanut pieces felt.


Quality programs are inclusive and offers adaptations for children with special needs Experience Early Learning Curriculum has an area in the back of each lesson plan book that provides ideas and adaptations to help during the week. I have found many of these techniques so helpful in my preschool and encourage you to take a peek!

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