Giant Planets

Learning about giant planets and space this month with Experience Early Learning Curriculum has been one to remember. Here is a sneak peak of what we have covered this week.


Uranus is know as the gas and ice giant.  Uranus is a fascinating place. The seventh planet from out Sun, Uranus the third-largest in terms of size, the fourth-largest in terms of mass. We enjoyed gluing pieces of cellophane to look like ice on our planet.


We learned that Neptune is about four times wider than Earth. And that it is the coldest and windiest Planet in the Solar System. We enjoyed making Neptune we put our planet in a tray and rolled a ball through the paint to make our design.


Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System, it is eleven times bigger than the diameter of the earth. Our kids are learning so much! Experience Early Learning Curriculum has provided so many wonderful hands on activities which helps to engage them. I appreciate as a teacher the adaptations they provide . This helps all my preschoolers grow and learn to their fullest potential.


Saturn is unique among the planets. All four gas giant planets have rings — made of chunks of ice and rock — but none are as spectacular or as complicated as Saturn’s. Saturn was one of our favorites to learn about!


So much fun! Pretending we are in space talking about gravity and watching rockets take off in space. Acting as if it were us up in the sky! We love the creative art the Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides. While it helps us to use our creativity we are developing skills and learning through the prompts provided.


Galaxies pass through each other all the time but because the stars are so spread out, the chances of them actually touching is very unlikely.

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