Large Sea Creatures

With Experience Early Learning Curriculum we are given weekly lesson plans this week we are focusing on Large Sea Creatures. We have learned alot about Dolphins, Octopus, Whale’s, Shark’s and Sea Turtles.

I enjoy giving you a sneak peak into one or two activities we do daily. We are focused on learning through play and giving our preschoolers many hands on activities throughout out the week. Experience Early Learning Curriculum also gives us many outdoor activities that support further learning in our outdoor environment like wave roll and pass the plankton. All of this to together gives my preschoolers a well rounded learning experience.



We decorated our paper plate and wave with markers we then cut our our dolphin and glued it on the plate. We also learned that dolphins Dolphins can swim up to 260 m. below the surface of the ocean and they can stay up to 15 minutes under water, but they cannot breath under the water. Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides opportunities to discuss what we are learning make our craft and then play with our activity. We enjoyed pretending our Dolphin’s were jumping in and out of the water.


Octopuses’ body is without skeletons means they don’t have bones in their arms or body. Our preschoolers were fascinated by the octopus and how they don’t have bones in their body. We imagined not having any bones and that made them giggle thinking we would be all wobbly. We had fun pretending to swing our octopuses around like they were swimming in the ocean.


Whales breathe air as we do, therefore, they need to reach the surface of the ocean to breathe because they cannot breathe underwater. To breathe, whales have a blowhole in the top of their heads. We pretended we were whales using a straw to blow air out of. We talked about how long we could hold our breath and if whales hold their breath. We tore paper napkins and glued then onto the whale. We loved how they turned out!



Our preschoolers took turns with out table top math activity by flicking the spinner and identifying the number they then counted out the shell “teeth” and put them in the sharks mouth. Experience Early Learning provides all of our small group math and table top math ideas. They are always tied into our lessons. These games are so engaging!


My kids favorite large animal of the ocean the SHARK! We learned that schools of fish often surround larger predators fish in the ocean.

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