Wonder About Paul Bunyan

The story about Paul Bunyan is an American tall tale about a lumberjack. Paul was known or his gigantic size and strength. HIs companions were Babe the Blue Ox and a cow name Bessie. This week we are beginning to learn the difference between reality and fantasy. We first learned about the birth of Paul Bunyan, we talked about what we looked like as a baby and how we have changed. We drew a self portrait of ourselves and what we looked like as a baby.


Discuss & Explore – How do we know we are growing? We measured ourselves and compared heights.

We displayed our growth chart and invited the children to color and cut out their leaves. We then helped the kids measure their height and marked it with a leaf.


Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides an Invitation to Create daily. These activities vary with the skills that they learn. This activity helped with physical science, fine motor, and visual arts. We observed the kids decide if they were going to mix the yellow and blue paint together and had them describe if there was a change that occured on their paper.


Our kids absolutely loved this activity. We attached the pan to the stick and they pretended to cook their eggs and bacon. We told the story of Paul and how big his food, table and plate were. They were amazed to think how that would even be possible.


With our Experience Early Learning Curriculum not everything goes perfect we are provided all research based learning activities, but as you know kids sometimes need adaptations. Our curriculum provides opportunities for kids to grow and learn to their fullest potential. With adaptations it helps kids to learn their own way. For example if you have a non verbal child or a child that is uncomfortable speaking in front of other children you can offer visuals for them to point at. or offer other ways to communicate responses, such as giving a thumbs up or clapping their hands to respond, We use some of the adaptations provided for our preschoolers and they are great.

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