Our Pond Collage was a favorite this week we displayed the photo of Monet’s pond. Then provided our littles with the supplies to make their own masterpieces as they see fit. I love the fact the they are all given the same supplies but they turn out so different.

By encouraging your kids to express themselves, you can ward off these negative issues and help your kids build self-confidence, independence, creativity, and self-advocacy. Fostering self-expression will set your children up for success.  I am excited that Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides my preschoolers with such great tools for success. Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides research based curriculum for all ages. We are fortunate that we are able to use this curriculum for our kids.

Drip Art

What a great week! We enjoyed learning about measuring water, sorting in water, moving water, washing with water and so much more! I am not sure why but anything with water the kids are on board.

In our creative art Dripping Art project we used fine motor skills to drip paint on the paper to show what it would look like if it were raining. Experience Early Learning Curriculum’s Invitation to Create give the kids an opportunity to make the art their own and build on skills they already have. They are always focused and content while they are involved in these hands on activities.

Sponge Painting

Prompts used for this activity:

How do bubbles happen?

What do you see in the photo?

Can you make suds with your sponge?

We noticed our kids all chose the sponge to paint with dipping it in paint and soap so that they could create bubbles as they painted.

One of the best ways that kids express themselves is through artistic means. Painting, finger-painting, drawing, sketching, coloring, and writing all have been proven to provide a solid outlet for many of the strong emotions that children deal with.

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