The Importance Of Playing Games

Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides daily activities that intrigue children, their curriculum is so hands on and developed for each child’s natural growth and development. This amazing curriculum always provides creative ways for my preschoolers to learn.

Playing games might not seem like our children are learning but in fact they are learning more than if they were working on a worksheet. Playing games works on social skills they learn to take turns and wait patiently , they also help with compromising and being fair. They also help with verbal skills, fine motor skills, math, and reading. For kids playing is learning!


Our preschoolers had roll the dice and then pick up the straw with the tweezers and drop into the cup. This was not an easy activity it took patience and alot of concentration.


Below these three had to decide what color they wanted their turkey to have, they also had to count out and place the feathers they desired. They did great! As you can see they are very focused.


Experience Early Learning Curriculum is creative in the activities they provide by making games that are fun. What a great way to build upon the skills we are learning . In this activity they had to match the alphabet egg to the eggs in the nest. This works on fine motor skills, and reading concepts.


We spent alot of time measuring and counting any animal we could find in our playroom, we learned that our giraffe was 5 blocks high. They really enjoyed this activity, they were curious how big a real Giraffe would be.


We practiced sorting in this activity below. We pretended to be postal carriers by looking at the cards we were given and sorting them into the correct envelop. All ages of kids enjoyed this, we even started timing them (their request) to see how fast they could sort.


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