Rainforest Understory Layer – Experience Early Learning Curriculum

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This week we are learning about the rainforest understory layer, monkeys, the letter Mm, praying mantis and so much more. What an exciting week!

The rainforest understory layer lies between the canopy and forest floor. The hot, humid and damp environment contains a diverse biome. Plant adaptations include small, bright flowers with strong smells.

Animals in Understory Layer and organisms in understory layer include insects, bees, beetles, butterflies, birds, geckos, bats, monkeys, snakes, lizards, jaguars and tree frogs, birds and geckos prey on insects and snakes prey on small mammals.

Monkeys In The Rainforest

We discussed what we thought monkeys liked to eat? Where do they find their food? And how they hunt. We had a great time at the park playing like a bunch of monkeys!

Praying Mantis

What do you think it would be like to be a praying mantis? To have such big eyes. We had a great time playing in our hats. We love our creative art activities each day. These activities build not only on their imagination, they help with fine motor skills.

From Bean To Chocolate Bar – Food In The Rainforest

This week we learned that chocolate comes from cocoa trees. The kids were so suprised! I think they thought that the actual chocolate bar would be hanging from the tree, until we completed our lesson. We learned about natural and earth science in this activity.

Aboriginal Art – Gecko

Learning about geckos was one of our favorite activities this week. We invited the kids to investigate small places where geckos could hide. We then created and Aboriginal Dot Art on our Gecko. They enjoyed using several different colors and they turned out great!

Letter Of The Week – Letter Mm

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