Teaching kids to be strong

Teaching kids to be strong does not mean that they don’t have emotion, to me it means teaching them to be able to make mistakes and know that they can learn from them. Also teaching them how to cope in hard situations. Living in a pandemic with a preschool has been hard on me as an adult I can’t imagine what the children feel. I do see that they are stressed and sad about not returning to big school, taking the many field trips that we take to the park, zoo, etc. So we talk about how we are strong and that we will be able to do these things again. Having the Experience Early Learning Curriculum helps us to take imaginary trips to different places it keeps our day’s exciting.

Over the past 20 years teaching preschoolers I have had the opportunity to touch and have a part in helping to raise several children. I take that responsibility very serious. When working on projects I allow them to work with their peers without interrupting even if what they are going to do might fail. I believe learning to fail is as important as learning to succeed. It seems more now than in past years kids are having a hard time controlling their emotions so we are working to help them recognize why they feel that way and teaching them to control their emotions rather than letting their emotions control them. It is important for them to embrace feeling frustrated when something does not go their way. Working on all of this will help them be stronger adults as they grow.

I believe children will be what you say they will be. So positive talk and positive affirmations are a big thing to me. This month we have been learning about superheroes!


Learning about strength! We tried different types of weights and they absolutely loved it, they felt so strong!


Such a fun way to make believe we are in a different world. The kids spent alot of time creating their cities and I think they did great.

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