In A World Of Online Learning

Right now we are inundated with online learning and screens. This goes against everything I want for my extended day kids. Most of my preschoolers and after school kids have been with me since they were young so of course they will stay with me and we will figure it out together.

I have been blessed with amazing families and a love for what I do each day. I never thought they would be here blended with my preschoolers for the entire day. So that brings me to how do I manage to run an in-home preschool and school age program during a pandemic? Well carefully that is for sure. I have an amazing staff and for the most part I am organized. Im not going to say I haven’t shed a few tears, doubted myself and dreaded the constant zoom calls and schedules that I now keep.

Now more than ever I am thankful that I have Experience Early Learning Curriculum. This research based program has given me the opportunity to serve several age groups easily. The organization it provides and how each day is put together helps me to make sure I am ready for each day. This program believes learning is a process. Allowing us to capture learning as it happens. I am confident that I am providing a well rounded program for my preschoolers with fun and exciting after school activities for each child. When my school age kids are off there mandated zoom times they enjoy putting together the activities that our preschoolers have done during their morning circle/acitvity time. They don’t realize they are learning.

We believe learning is a process. Authentic Assessment allows you to capture learning as it happens. The Experience Early Learning Curriculum includes resources to help document your child’s learning progress through natural and intentional observations. They also encourage teacher support, child engagement and family support!

Here’s a few pics of my kiddo’s enjoying different activities throughout this year from our curriculum.

Experience Early Learning Curriculum gives you chances to respond to experiences by expressing ideas and imagination through music, dance, dramatic play, and art. Creative activities are our favorite activities that we do each day!

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