Butterflies are loved and admired by children and adults. They are magical! One of our favorite things about butterflies is that they have so many different colors and are never the same design. This week, we learned about the Monarch, Swallowtail, Blue Morpho, Peacock Butterfly, and a Butterfly House. Also reviewing letters K, M, and X.


In this activity, we worked on dance and movement. We talked about if we were a butterfly where would we like to fly? We invited the children to decorate their paper butterflies then after attaching them to the ribbon we took them to the backyard to fly them like a kite.


I love when we do a collage it gives each child the opportunity to put their art together how they see it. Our promo questions were What shapes or colors do you see? What type of butterfly is your favorite? And how will you use the shapes to make a butterfly? Experience Early Learning Curriculum really gives us the tools to extend our learning in every activity.


We used eye droppers to pretend we were butterflies drinking up water. Then squeeze it into our coffee filters to make our butterflies. Our children did pretty well on controlling and squeezing the eyedropper.


Today we worked on sight words. We placed the word family board, cards, and letter pieces on the table. We would read the word on the card pointing to the beginning letter and then have them make the word on the word family board.


This was our kids’ favorite activity of the week we put the butterfly cards on trees around the park and gave our kids the butterfly hunt guide and a pencil. They went tree to tree identifying the butterflies and checking them off.

Experience Early Learning Curriculum is an amazing curriculum I have used this curriculum for over three years and always find something new in each box. I like their organization and attention to detail. We are able to build on their curriculum and make it our own. I like their weekly planning calender and their circle time daily activities. Learning can be fun and not all about doing paperwork. Experience Early Curriculum provides research-based activities and adaptations for kids that might need a bit extra.

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