So much to learn when learning about our outside world. I enjoy teaching outside and would love to have an outdoor classroom but until then we will take our learning wherever we go! This month we are learning a lot about life science, exploring nature with my kids, and asking open-ended questions. This week we know about the bee’s home, food, babies, work, and safety.

With Experience Early Learning Curriculum we have the opportunity to change our lessons to benefit our program. I believe each child learns at a different pace therefore I tweak my program to fit all kids.

Experience Early Learning Curriculum also offers adaptations. They have an entire page that gives you ideas and suggestions to use if you have a child with special needs. With this curriculum you are able to expose children to rich experiences and offer them support as they need. Such as help with limited attention spans, nonverbal, sensory, restricted fine motor skills, hearing and sight impairment and so much more.


What do you think is inside a bee’s home? We explained that there are cells inside all bee homes where bees store or lay eggs. In this activity, we used bubble wrap to stamp a beehive!


Creative corner activities often provide activities that help develop fine motor skills. We used hexagon stencils, hexagon cardboard pieces, paint, and glue. We put our bee’s in the hexagon shapes and on our paper.


What might a queen bee do? We learned that a queen bee stays in the hive and lays eggs. We used yellow paper attached them together to make a headband and taped the chenille sticks and pom-poms to make our antenna for our bee hat!


This week we learned what might happen to a bee If it were to be in snow, rain, or really windy weather and snow. We used a cup and made a weather card to show what a bee might do if it ran into bad weather. We loved pushing and pulling our bee up and down out of the cup.

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