BEES and WASP – Week 2

Teaching with Experience Early Learning Curriculum is an awesome way for kids to learn hands-on. These experiences that this curriculum provides all of the hands-on activities, and opportunities to play and engage in inquiry and wonder. Our children were so surprised to learn how many different types of bees there were.


How do you think a bee finds a flower? I love these types of questions and opportunities for kids to answer exactly what they think. We gave each child an I Can Read Book. We invited them to discuss what the bees are doing on each page, as we read we pointed out words we recognized!


What are the body parts of a bee? We enjoyed putting our puzzles together outside and then taking them home to show our mom’s and dad’s. These puzzles were pretty simple and gave our kids confidence that they could do it by themselves.


What colors do you see on the yellow jacket? Of course the same as the other bee’s yellow and black. What we did notice was that they have a pretty cool design on them. We used sticks, confetti, leaves, and glue for our project! We love using nature objects and I absolutely love how these turned out!

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