Howdy! We have had such an amazing time learning about the Wild West we pretended to lasso, ride and care for our pretend coat rack horse and had an absolute amazing time! It is so important to petend play it is essential or a child’s social and emotional development.

Pretend Play:

  • Promotes physical development. Imaginative play includes the whole body and often combines running, jumping, skipping,…
  • Fosters creativity. Using imagination in play helps foster creativity in many ways. Children create stories around…
  • Encourages problem-solving. Cooperation and negotiation.

Below we learned how to lasso our horse!

We walked our pretend coat rack horse with a blanket and cardboard head down to my neighbors house where he put a saddle on it and let our kids pretend to ride!


Experience Early Learning curriculum gives us the opportunity to expand on our lessons or change as needed. We enjoyed painting with a curler because we notice they rolled faster than the pokey ball. We discussed why a cowboy would need to wear a hat and that not all hats are the same.


We noticed that the boot in the picture was red with lacing. We designed our boots with silver and black. The kids were very focused on painting and designing their boot. We talked about why a cowboy would need to wear boots and how it protects their feet.

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