Discovering what lives in the desert! Why is that always so interesting. My kids love learning about different places around the world. We are close to the Mojave Desert but this week we learned about the Sahara. This week we are learning about camels, small desert animals, The Great Pyramid, and the plants of the Sahara. We enjoy learning about the diversity of environments, it helps foster an appreciation for the outside world. We enjoyed making our pyramids with gold and yellow paint.


When in the desert where do you get water to drink? We explained there is very little water in the desert, so you have to carry it with you. We made our Canteens and the kids wanted to add water when we took them to the park. Of course we just pretended we had water in them.


Experience Early Learning Curriculum Literacy activities are so engaging they help them to develop logic and reasoning in this activity and they don’t even feel like they are learning. We set out our Shape Design Mats and encourage the children to take turns playing the cubes to create the pyramid shapes.


What do you think was used to build the Great Pyramid? We invited our kids to use a sponge to paint brick patters on the paper pyramid. We talked about how amazing it would be to travel to the Sahara and see how tall the pyramids were! We imagined how hard the pyramids were to build.


Where is a good place to draw. In Egypt there are many pyramids that have Hieroglyphics on the wall. I encouraged our kids to pick their favorite image and draw it. They enjoyed this activity because they felt they were writing a secret note.

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