Learning how to take care of ourselves is an important skill for kids to learn. This week we learned about what types of foods are nutritious, how to stay active and rest. We learned about getting a doctor’s check-up or dentist and how to make sure we stay healthy. With Experience Early Learning Curriculum they provide amazing props that help our learning come to life.


We made our very own doctor bag. Each child had their own bag and pretended to be a doctor. We put cotton balls, a craft stick, and bandages. Of course we had 352 bandages all over our arms and legs. We pretended to help each other what a fun way to learn!

We also had a chance to look through all of the safety items in my first aid bag. Each child was able to touch the items and see how they worked. We had a fun day pretending to be doctors.


How tall are you? What can you use to measure yourself? We created a colorful ruler to measure our feet, hands, and items around us. We enjoyed licking the colored puff and sticking it together.

Not only did we learn how to stay healthy by going in for check-ups we learned that staying active outside and exercising is a great way to keep in shape.

Happening joints is an easy fitness activity that develops kid’s flexibility and promotes relaxation. Teach kids to celebrate the bends and bounces of their bodies!

Every joint in your body is a kind of engineering wonder, designed to make your body move in amazing ways. So why not celebrate every single bend?

If you make excercise fun and do it often kids will get used to the activity and stay in shape.

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