Fitness is such an important thing in our life the ability to get our children moving and controlling their muscles in an indoor or outdoor environment is key to helping them stay healthy.

This week with Experience Early Learning Curriculum we are learning about the heart and how to have a healthy heart. We looked at our creative corner picture and observed what our hearts looks like inside. We also listened with a stethoscope to what our heart sounds like. We used a paper bag with paper inside to create our heart model.

We went on to learn how we could make our hearts beat faster. Jumping was a fun way to raise our heart rate and also use our legs to jump. We encouraged our children to wear their headbands and pretend to be frogs.



This activity is always fun it gave us a chance to talk about how we move our bodies slowly or move them quickly just like to ball that is going back and forth.


Experience Early Learning Curriculum makes the best interactive games! My preschoolers enjoy them so very much! We gave each child a cup and a pompom. We had to help put together they were a little advanced for my group but they enjoyed playing with them all afternoon.

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