In The Kitchen

Prepping food is not just for adults children can also be wonderful helpers. We learned so much about skills that develop science, math, fine motor, language, and cooperation this week. Experience Early Learning provides materials and a weekly schedule to keep you on track giving kids the skills necessary to learn through a fun environment.


Washing our hands is so important to keep germs at bay. We enjoyed making this hanger. We invited the kids to color and decorate them how they please then taped the bendy straw to the hanger to create a soap dispenser. We practiced washing our hands as we sang!


We put shaving cream on each plate, they chose what color they wanted and then mixed it together. Our children noticed the changes the colors made when they mixed them together.


We encouraged our preschoolers to roll out the playdough on the slice and count board. We then used knives to cut the dough into pieces following the lines.


What type of pizza do you like to eat? We had a fun time talking about what type of pizza we liked and pretending to make our own pizza. It has been such a fun week learning about measuring and stirring, cleaning and safety, and cooking up healthy routines.

With Experience Early Learning Curriculum we learned about things we do in the kitchen. We pretended to prepare food, cut, cook, and talked about how to be healthy eaters and how to keep our hands and surfaces clean. I love how we are provided opportunities for our kids to learn through play and hands-on experiences.

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