Wild Safari Animals

We had an amazing time this week learning about wild safari animals. Children always are excited to learn about animals how they move, look, sound, move and live. We spent our week learning about the lion, elephant, rhino, zebra, and giraffe. Most children won’t be able to experience a real African safari so it has been fun learning through our Experience Early Learning Curriculum this week.


Experience Early Learning curriculum provides us with opportunities to use our fine motor skills and dramatic play. We cut out the middle of the paper plate, our kiddos painted and attached the yellow pieces of paper to make the lion’s mane.


What would you fit in a bowl, What would be too big? We invited the children to explore seeing what items can fit inside a bowl. We enjoy reading our I Can Read books each month!


What pattern do you see on the zebra? We set out our zebra paper and used chalk to make stripes! They had no method to how they put their stripes on but loved this activity!

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