Getting Ready For Safari

Here we are off for an adventure. Learning about taking a safari. This is not something everyone will experience in their lifetime. But whether or not they go on trips far away they need to learn how to prepare for travel and what they would need. This week we have learned about the letter Ss, the color orange, and our shape an oval.


The passport is a travel document that has our picture, date of birth, and where you are from. You need this if you are traveling out of the country. We had fun taking our pictures for our Passport and pretending we were traveling far away. We also colored the different countries in our passports.


How do hats protect your head? On the African savanna, it’s very hot. There are only two seasons: a dry season and a wet season. We set out the paper hats, tissue paper crayons, and glue.


Why do you think animals want to stay together in a group? We invited each child to draw a picture of an animal or a group of animals on the journal cover.


We hid our animal cards around the park and went on a hunt around the park. We encouraged our children to hunt for the hiding animals and put the matching cards on top of each other.


What shapes can you use for a baboon’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth? What colors do you see in the photo?

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