Music plays an important part in our culture. It also creates excitement with our kids keeping them interested in what is going on around us. This week we learned about drums, woodwinds, horns, stringed instruments, and the piano. Using sounds to create emotion and learning how to communicate without words are very important ways for kids to learn. Music can make children feel a range of emotions. Have you ever listened to a song and started to tear up or feel happy inside, kids are the same although they don’t express it. Most of our week is surrounded around music even when its not our theme.


Drums are percussion instruments that create sounds by pounding on them. We made our drums and swirled them around to make a drumming beat. Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides adaptations with this activity we encouraged the child to move any way their body is able to move. We also gave them an opportunity to play an instrument sitting instead of moving around to play. This activity of swinging the drum around to make sound was harder for some of my kids but with the adaptations it helped them.


We set out the Inspirational Photo, put paint on their paper, and gave them a straw. We noticed that the paint moved from the air that was blowing through the straw. The kids really enjoyed it when the paint was mixed together.


What different sounds can we make? We set out our color cube flute sheet on the ground we then invited the kids to tap the matching color on the flute! When done we marched around the yard pretending to be in a band.


How do you play the Violin? We invited the kids to decorate their violins, we then threaded them through the holes to make strings. We put music on in the back yard and they pretended to play the songs that were on the radio. They did pretty well holding it up on their neck. With Experience Early Learning Curriculum we are provided most of what is needed for an activity. We are then given suggestions on how to encourage kids to play and also discuss the activity we are doing. This is really helpful for me!

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