Just like adults, children need to develop strategies for managing their emotions, so that they can build social-emotional skills. When children are more socially and emotionally aware and skilled, they can more effectively navigate relationships, calm down and problem solve when challenges arise.

But unlike many adults, it can be difficult for children to recognize and understand emotions in themselves and others without adult support. The process of calming down when upset and using words to describe feelings and address challenges requires a lot of practice. It also requires a lot of adult support. When adults provide support and explanations, it helps children understand what they can do to manage their feelings. Children who learn how to understand emotions in themselves and others are better able to regulate their own responses to strong emotions. Experience Early Learning Curriculum has a great way of incorporating what the kids need while making it fun to learn. Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides research based curriculum that you can use with multi- age preschools. We focus on a letter a week, phonic words, basic concepts, and vocabulary.


We encouraged children to listen for a word that begins with the letter H during circle time finishing up with galloping in a circle happily for each letter H word.


We put together our mirrors and during circle time and even most of the morning our preschoolers would look at themselves making faces. Sometimes I would give them different faces to make and they would look at themself making that face in their mirror.


Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides I Can Read books monthly that promote literature. These books are engaging and gives us opportunity to discuss and explore the subject matter more in depth at the level that benefits our preschoolers.


What is our your favorite feeling. Almost all sad Happy. We talked about what makes us happy and what we can do if we feel sad, mad, confused or tired. We have kids of all ages but found that when we made the circle for them on each page they were able to make the face they felt.

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