I believe caring for others comes naturally to children. I have found in the many years I have run my preschool. Kids tend to show compassion and empathy at a very young age. They need help when problem-solving. All kids need help with sharing and how to apologize if needed. This week we focused on writing our letter T and letter H. Along with how to include everyone, share, care, say sorry, and work together. Not only does Experience Early Learning Curriculum provide music cd’s tied into our lessons, they provide a closing time center activity that helps us focus on our lesson of the day. It gives us a time of reflection along with a question to discuss.


What can we do if we see someone who feels lonely? We dumped out beads and invited our kids to talk about what colors they all liked and we made friendship bracelets for us and our friends. This activity was a great activity for bonding and including all our friends. Our preschoolers were so happy during this activity.


What are your favorite letters to write? We set our all three-letter community game sheets. We discussed how all the circles were empty and needed to be filled with letters. They did amazing! Experience Early Learning Curriculum creates opportunities to build on skills we already know and learn things we don’t while making learning fun.


I enjoyed watching my littles during this activity. They were happy and enjoyed learning and hearing how even they could help and accomplish anything they wanted to do even if they needed help. This activity helped them feel a sense of community and a sense of being strong.


Experience Early Learning Curriculum’s games are the best they give so many opportunities to learn. We work together helping each other with their counting to get to the next space. We learned how good friends treat each other. We also drove the bus to random houses saying the color of the house then finding the matching keys.


What can we do and how can we show someone we care. We can make a get-well card. We invited the kids to make get-well cards and encouraged them to talk about what helps them when they are hurting and how they would feel if they got a get-well card.


What does the letter Tt sound like? How can you make the letter T with your fingers? We enjoy coloring our letter books then reading them after.

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