We LOVE dirt! Our kids were excited to learn about how soil is made up of so many substances, such as sand, rocks and minerals. This week we learned how animals and other living things rely on soil for their homes. We explored the different properties of soil and discovered new ways to use it. We dug for letters and played games in our small group math where we used ant’s as the game markers. Experience Early Learning Curriculum has a way of completely keeping our kids engaged in learning. I appreciate the fun activities!


In our hedgehog painting activity we learned about natural and earth science. We also practiced our fine motor skills. Discussion questions or this activity were. Why do you think a hedgehog has quills? And how many quills do you think a hedgehog has? We used a fork to paint the quills on our hedgehog, such a fun way to paint. At first they had this weird look on their face they couldn’t believe they would be painting with a fork but really enjoyed it!


We gave each child a mouse maze and invited them to choose a path. They all actually did very well. We talked about how it would be like to travel or live underground. They didn’t think it would be a very good idea because it is dark and would probably be very cold.

These sensory bins are a great way for kids to learn about natural and earth science. We often set up trays of dirt, sand, or even salt. We encourage them to use different items to draw or create designs in the dirt. Experience Early Learning has two pages designated to helping you set up a STEAM Station area. These stations are used everyday throughout the week. And one of the kids favorite things to do!

The one thing I appreciate about Experience Early Learning Curriculum is that you can use it for all ages. Many of these kids picture range in ages 2-7. All kids were able to complete these activities with little to no help.

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