Exploring parts of the tree what an idea and so much fun for kids. We take for granted how much is at our fingertips. All we have to do is slow down. This week we are learning about Climbing Trees, Building with Trees, Painting Trees, Counting In Trees, and Writing with Trees. With Experience Early Learning Curriculum it makes my job easier, they provide all the supplies needed to make learning fun.


We discussed parts of the tree a Koala would eat. We then worked together to make a make and play koala puppet. They pretend that Koalas were living in our arms which are pretend trees.

SMALL GROUP MATH – Nature Search

What would be something exciting to find outside? Discussing and exploring on our I spy search was a great way for our kids to work together on counting how many objects or animals he’s seeing. We enjoy these colorful pictures and enjoy working together to find and count the different object!

Creative Art – Pinecone Birdfeeder

This week we have been learning about tree’s. Today we learned about building with tree’s. We used pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed to make our bird feeder. This project allows us to learn about physical science.

Experience Early Learning Curriculum activities are all research based. Many different skills are learned through our daily lessons. Such as self-regulation, drama, fine motor, number sense, communication, teamwork, writing, alphabetic knowledge, and so much more. A big part of our program is our Creative Art activities. These activities promote team work, visual arts and the ability to discuss and learn new things.

Creative Art – Painting Trees

How many “tree branches” pieces of tape will you stick on your paper? We decorated the paper with tape before painting it. The kids remained focused long enough to cover the entire paper with paint. Their favorite part was when we took the tape off!

Small Group Literacy – My Nature Collection Journal

Where can you find alot of trees? We walked to see what types of trees and how many different ones we could find. We collected things from nature and took back to class. We decided instead of gluing to the journal we would draw some of the items we collected. We asked the kids questions and help then to complete their books.

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