Air Adventure

We started our week off by learning that air is a gas that provides us with oxygen and nitrogen. Through different experiments during the week we learned how air can feel and sound. We learned how things float in the air like a hot air balloon , fly in the air like a bee, breathe in the air by making a scented bag, listen to sounds so we can hear nature and taking in the different colors that are in the air like a rainbow.


For our make and play activity we made a hot air balloon. We discussed what we can use to float in the air? We invited the kids to decorated their hot air balloons. We talked about what an adventure it would be to ride in a hot air balloon and how it would feel with the air rushing into our face.


We made a Bee Disc and tested how high and far our bee’s would fly. Our kids loved that they were able to make a bee! We learned how important a bee is to our environment and how far a bee could fly. We learned about measurement in this activity.


This was probably our favorite activity of the week. We took a nature hunt one morning to collect random nature items, ones the kids saw fit to put in our tray. We also discovered not every item had a pleasant scent even if it looked pretty. After collecting our items we filled out bag with our potpourri of items. We added scented wax into our bags and then compared all the different scents.


What colors do you see in nature? We explored outside and selected a few nature items to draw and color. Make and Play activities are a great way for parents to see what we are learning. Experience Early Learning does a great job of providing us with activities and supplies like our newsletter and daily note cards to give to our parents.


We gave each child a Listen & Color page and crayons. We actually did not give instructions , we just told them to color how they would like and I think their pages are amazing!

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