Sea Creatures, Finding Treasure and So Much More

Learning through play is the best way to learn children learn to think, remember, and solve problems. Play gives children the opportunity to test their beliefs about the world. Children increase their problem-solving abilities through games and puzzles. Children also involved in make-believe play can stimulate several types of learning. With Experience Early Learning Curriculum we are provided the opportunity to teach learn through play activities. We are given the items and our kids decide what the project is going to look like!


A few facts that we learned about crabs is there are more than 4,500 species of crabs and most species live in coastal areas of salty, fresh or brackish water. We imaged that we were by the side of the ocean and caught our very own crab. Each child named theirs and carried them around for most of the day. I love watching them focus on what they are doing during their activity.


We worked with shapes today and made a treasure map. We pretended that the shapes were different island around the sea, the kids picked the island they wanted their treasure to be found under, we worked on creative expression, fine motor skills and teamwork with this activity.

Treasure Island Coloring Books

We worked every morning this week on our alphabet Treasure Island coloring books. They felt important like they were the big kids. We loved all of the images on each page! What a wonderful way to teach kids. We just listened to them talk about the letter page they were on and what color they were going to color that page.

My older girls loved the opportunity to create waterfalls when my littles were resting. I love how they turned out and how they used the pebbles on the waterfall. Experience Early Learning Curriculum is built for kids of all ages it is research based. I love that I can use it for my big kids as well as my younger ones.


We painted our surfboards and talked about how fun it would be to ride them in the pool because we are not anywhere close to the ocean. Some of my littles said they have rode on a surfboard so talked about what you have to do to stay on and what they would want to have their surfboard to look like.

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  1. lesliejohnstone says:

    Seeing all those littles gathered around the table outdoors learning together was precious!


    1. Thank you ! We love to learn outside it’s our favorite.


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