Treasure Island Ready To Adventure

Treasure Island to me means adventure in places that are unknown to find treasure. This month we are taking our adventures in learning. We are adventuring into reading, fine motor skills, math and so much more. Each day is exciting and full of new ways to have fun! Experience Early Learning Curriculum is an amazing curriculum that helps in providing an amazing theme each month and providing all the tools for success.

Our first activities this week were making jelly fish and using our fine motor skills to put all types of colorful beads on! We counted to see how many beads we used in all! So we added a math skill as well. We also are learning to write and trace our names. We still are working on the correct way to hold our pen. In this picture Jayden is using a pen we often use small markers as well, that make them hold the pen in the correct way. Writing with these cute name badges from Experience Early Learning Curriculum makes it so much more fun.

Creative Art

Making eye patches and a telescope were the highlight of our week. We took our adventure to the park were we could meet new scallywags and adventure onto the toys. Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides the best make and take activities. The kids really felt like pirates!


I really enjoy watching our kids work independently on their journals. Most of my older kids need little to no help. They are always super focused and enjoy working on them. I put them out first thing in the morning for their morning work. They are doing amazing!

Shell Imprinting

We used playdoh and shells to see what prints they would make. First we put them in the playdoh and pulled them out. But the kids wanted to put them in and leave them. They were proud of their masterpieces. This activity was great for fine motor skills . Fine motor skills, coordination and balance are essential for child development. The development of these skills can help with day-to-day activities, such as walking, play and learning. What a fun way to build on a skill that is so important to the children’s development.

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