Learning about growing gardens helps kids to develop skills in science. We enjoyed our projects this week. Observing growing plants, seeds we have planted and even taking apart a flower to see up close.


My seed story working on small group literacy . Experience Early Learning Curriculum has given us opportunities to discuss and explore by providing supplies and information that will help give our preschoolers hands on opportunities to learn. We set out a plate of different types of seeds. We discussed how they look similar or different. We chose a seed and said what we thought would grow from that seed. We then choose to draw our plant. They followed verbal directions to complete our project and were proud of what they had done.


Creative art activities help with fine motor skills and visual arts. They also help with letting the kids be independant while having a little bit of guidance. This invitation to create was alot of fun.


Experience Early Learning Curriculum gives us a make and play project a few times a week. We enjoy this because it helps our curriculum come to life. Our projects are great ways to help kids work independantly and use their imagination.


Our absolute favorite activity of the week. We encourage our children to paint their base as if it were dirt. We cut out the vegetables for them because they are younger they had so much fun picking vegetables out and then pretending to work at the store selling vegetables to each other.


What colors do you see in the photo? How can you use the materials to make a dandelion? We cut the pipecleaner to be our stem and used the ball dipping it in paint and dabbing it on our paper to make a flower.

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