Planting Gardens

Experience Early Learning Curriculum

gives preschoolers opportunities to learn hands on daily, We have a time for conversation and calendar during our Community Challenge time. This activity helps children build peer relationships by participating and helping others out. We then move to our Creative Art activity where they practice fine motor skills, communication and self-awareness. Small Group Math is after our morning recess, this gives us a chance to work on number sense. We get to discuss and explore! We finish up with Table Top Literacy where we work on alphabetic knowledge and self regulation. This week we have enjoyed learning about planting gardens.
We have had several hands on activities and we absolutely love it!

Seed Mosaic

What do we see in the photo? Which see in the mixture is your favorite? Our kids enjoyed the texture we felt by putting the seeds in our hands and dropping them on our picture. We used glue to make our designs and then dropped the seeds on it.

Garden Journal

Experience Early Learning Curriculum

provides us with small group literacy journal’s each month. My preschoolers love working on them independantly or taking them home as homework if they don’t finish here.

Growing Grass

We discussed what we need for grass to grow. The kids then scooped the soil into their cups and then sprinkled some grass seed in the cup. We patiently waited for a few days while we observed if there was any changes. Over the weekend they took off growing. The kids were so excited!

Y is for Yam

Table Top Math

We placed eyedroppers next to the bin of water on the table. We took turns squeezing water with coloring to fill the cups up. This activity was great, they loved using the eyedroppers!


How can you finish half of your photo? What colors will you use? Will you add more roots or leaves to your drawn half? At first the kids were nervous and said they could not do this. But as they worked on it they surprised even themselves and I love how they turned out.

Digging for Worms

I would say this was the best activity of the week. Experience Early Learning Curriculum always provides us with such great activities and fun things to take home. We set out the giant worm pic and let them choose what color of paint they wanted to paint their worm. We then gave them the rubber worm provided and they painted their paper with it! It was a hit!

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