We worked on so many projects this week learning about jelly fish, x-ray fish, seahorses, rainbow fish, and sea stars. Experience Early Learning Curriculum sets up a weekly activity skill chart in each teachers book that lines out what social emotion, physical and motor, language and literacy, math and reasoning and much more that our kids are learning while participating in these activities. They don’t realize they are even learning.


We learned that Jellyfish are umbrella-like sea creature and that they are translucent. They only sting from their tentacles. We pretended to be jellyfish in the sea!


Our boys were focused on making bones of our x-ray fish. We painted with straws and white paint. We learned that they eat worms, insects and small crustaceans. Experience Early Learning tied in the X-ray fish with our letter of the week and our table top literacy project.


We participated in our Community Challenge center time learning about the daddy seahorse. We learned that daddy seahorses help their babies by carrying the eggs before they hatch. He will carry the baby eggs before they hatch.


Experience Early Learning Curriculum Creative Art of the week was the rainbow fish. We read the story and talked about what we thought the fish was doing. We used paint to decorate our fish and the sequins provided.


Designing our own bumpy sea star was one of our favorites this week. We discovered though the most common have only five arms, some of these animals can grow up to 40 arms. Wow can you imagine how cool that would look.

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