Creating a diver’s mask and flippers was a highlight of our week. We talked about how it would feel to be underwater and be able to breath. Our kids absolutely loved our mask’s and wore them around for hours.

Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides me with supplies for each child, and a very helpful teachers guide. Which helps you with what to discuss, how to help make and suggestions on ways you can encourage the kids to play.


Creative Art Treasure Chest who wouldn’t want to have a treasure chest. Our preschoolers had a great time painting and decorating our treasure chest. We enjoyed matching our shape cards on our chest. Also pretending to be a pirate! And finding treasure !


As we set sail to explore the ocean we pretended to be on a submarine. We made a submarine window pretending to see all the ocean animals big and small. We cut cellophane and glued it onto the plate along with the pictures of animals. We then added stickers around the plate to make it look more like a window.

A few things that I really enjoy about each week and the supplies provided are:

At the back of each teachers guide Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides vocabulary and word wall cards, these cards are helpful in expanding on our lessons of the week! Experience Early Learning Curriculum also provides Benchmark’s for each age. This is very helpful. Not all kids develop at the same pace or at the same time. This helps us to see where they should be and how we can help get them there!

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