We set out supplies and our inspirational photo and let the kids decide how they wanted their Earth to look like. We learned that the Earth is the only planet that has trees. And that we live on the Earth. Our kids made intentional designs and I am so proud of how their projects came out.


We always read together and then point out what we learned from the story. We love how colorful all the journals and books that Experience Early Learning provides in our curriculum. Simple, easy, colorful and engaging stories.


We mixed paint and glitter for our invitation to create. We made a circle then painted it red and after adding glitter poured the red sand provided onto the paper This project turned out amazing. We learned Mars does not have any ring or any moons.


To our kids Venus looks like what they perceive the sun to look like so we enjoyed finding differences. I enjoy the prompts that Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides in my lessons it helps take out some thinking on my part :). We learned that Venus has over 1600 Volcanoes on it. More than any other planet.

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