This week we traveled around the globe with Experience Early Learning Curriculum to see wonderful man-made sights and natural wonders. There are so many wonderful places to visit and explore. We worked on Letters Gg, Kk and Qq. Our phonic words are glove, grapes, kite, kangaroo, queen and quilt the kids are growing so much lately in all areas! So Proud!


The Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure in the world for more the 3,800 years. The pyramid is said to consist of 2.3 million blocks of limestone and granite, some weighing as much as 80 tons. We enjoyed painting our pyramids with paint and glitter. We enjoyed pretending to visit the pyramids talking about what might be in them.


We pretended that we were a family of goats on the steep dangerous mountain Matterhorn between Switzerland and Italy. Talking about how mountain goats could be up so high and not fall. Experience Early Learning Curriculum gives us great ways to interact with our lesson and options for different ages. Not all learning has to be on a worksheet. These activities engage my preschoolers and give them so much knowledge.


We invited the children to glue pieces onto the paper to create a cathedral collage. We imagined standing in front of such an amazing building. We talked about how 9 churches are there and come together to make the cathedral. We loved how colorful our collages came out.



We noticed that these rocks were red and talked about how they might feel. We decided we would put glue on paper, spread out with a paintbrush and shake red sand to form a mountain (red rock).


Layered Art what a great way to form the Grand Canyon, I have visited and showed the kids pictures and videos of how majestic this amazing place is. It literally took my breath away. We tore and put together paper to make layers. We learned that the Grand Canyon is almost 300 miles long and is made up of layers of rock.


We used droppers and paint to make our water falls, we also talked about how it might sound having rushing water come over rocks. Victoria Falls is considered the largest waterfall in the world we imagined how loud of a roaring sound it would make and how powerful it would be.

Often we have children that are uncomfortable speaking or not able to in front of others or children who have limited attention spans. Experience Early Learning Curriculum offers adaptations. These are so helpful. These adaptations give me ideas on how I can help all the children to grow and learn at their fullest potential. These kids are flourishing beyond belief and having a great time learning.

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