WORLD MARKET – Customs Around the World.

This week we are learning about markets around the world. Talking about different customs that other countries have. Teaching your kids about world cultures helps them appreciate the differences in people and their traditions. With Experience Early Learning we have the opportunity to learn through play.

Creative Art – Carnival Mask

When do you wear a mask? We invited our children decorate the mask and when dry dance around as if they were in a carnival parade. In different cultures wearing a mask would have different meanings


We talked about how wind makes kites fly and how it keeps them up in the sky. We decorated with paint then attached different colors of paper to make the tail. We worked on fine motor skills with this activity and enjoyed flying them around the yard.

Experience Early Learning Curriculum gives us opportunities to expand our lessons through Community Challenges which helps us to develop social relationships. We have the chance to discuss in a group setting with children in multiple age ranges. This is possible with this curriculum because you are given a guide and are given ways to simplify or challenge kids based on where their learning and development are.



As I read we encouraged children to tap each work or item named on each page. They really enjoy the books that they take home from Experience Early Learning Curriculum. They are easy to read and they love showing their parents.


We chose to use glitter paint to put on the red piece of paper so that it would shine after it dried we folded the red paper and put slit’s in it.

We talked about Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival and the Lantern Festival.   The Lantern Festival is one of the best days to view Chinese lanterns in action. It is always held on the 15th day of the first Chinese lunar month.  

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