What’s In The Box – February


We will explore how to make a map , discover what would I put in a suitcase, and learn what items are needed to travel. Children can pretend to take their own adventure. I am excited to talk with my families and their children to see where they may have traveled so far.

Each week we are given a Weekly Activity Chart and Lesson Plan. Great ways to stay organized!

Each activity comes with options to adapt for children who are nonverbal or uncomfortable speaking in front of other. Each week comes with a teacher guide. Inside you will find Steam Station Activities. Experience Early Learning leaves no stone unturned. You are given tools to succeed.


Explore diverse cultures, use colors, shapes and patterns. Alot of kids have not traveled around the world what an amazing way to expose them to so many different cultures and ways of life.


Sparking interest in our world’s beauty. We will discover facts about the Grand Canyon, Ayers Rock, Matterhorn, Victoria Falls and the Great Sequoias. Children may not be able to experience travel but Experience Early Learning is one way they can be exposed to such great places.


These are special places to visit and explore. We will learn about Pyramids, walls, cathedrals and leaning towers. It will be fun learning about famous structures right along with my little ones. With Experience Early Learning there are alot of games, projects and art supplies included in their daily discovery bags. We are ready to learn about such great places! I might be as excited as the kids!


Experience Early Learning also gives you a monthly newsletter, examples of a weekly full day schedule and half day schedule. Ideas for circle time and how to layout your room for success. What I love the most is that all their activities are research based and they care about the development of the child. My motto for my preschool, Take Care Daycare and Preschool is that Children Learn and Thrive in a Fun Environment. Experience Early Learning and their amazing themes helps with this!

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