All About Dinosaurs

What an amazing month we enjoyed every activity that was provided to us by Experience Early Learning. We learned about dinosaur teeth, stegosaurus, dinosaur eggs, what dinosaurs are from different time periods and what types of food they eat. Experience Early Learning has provided us with Theme based activities for our kids that help keep them interested in each daily activity.


Some dinosaurs are meat eaters and some are plant eaters my kids decided they are all meat eating dinosaurs. They hid around the back yard growling and showing their teeth.


These activities were so much fun and a great way to build the kids fine motor skills, and their creative side. We stamped dinosaurs with our stencils, build a dinosaur out fo shapes, created a stegosaurus and made a dinosaur egg. We talked about what type of dinosaur would hatch from our egg. I love the ideas an organization the Experience Early Learning provides for my preschool.


We made our dinosaur feet and marched around inside and outside pretending to be a dinosaur. We learned that you can tell the difference in the size of the dinosaur by how deep the print is in the ground!


In this activity we took dinosaur toys and dipped them in the paint then stamped them on our path. They enjoyed looking at the print each dinosaur made.


As soon as they made their tails we immediately went to the front yard to growl and march around! A few were even comparing who’s tail might be bigger!


Experience Early Learning provides games weekly to keep our kids logical reasoning skills up, these games are fun and challenging. When you make a curriculum that is fun and engaging to kids they don’t even thing they are learning .

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