Investigating The Science Of Rocks and Fossils

We had an amazing time investigating dinosaur fossils and learning what a paleontologist would do. We started the week off by doing an excavation dig. We colored our fossils covered them in sand and then used our paint brush to swipe away the sand just like a paleontologist would do. We also learned that about fossils and how they are formed.



What a great way to learn about being a Paleontologist. We took our Field Journal and colored in each page. Our kids were proud that they had a job like a real Paleontologist. They enjoyed looking at their finished books and looking at their friends books to see how different they looked.


Absolute hit of the week! This activity helps in building fine motor skills and creativity.


We made our own salt dough fossils! I love Experience Early Learning Curriculum because it allows me to build on to their curriculum. I love the flexibility it provides.

Experience Early Learning Curriculum also provides adaptations to any of its daily projects. Not all kids learn at the same pace or have the same abilities. Experience Early Learning Curriculum researches and finds what will work best !

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