Understanding Extreme Weather

Even though weather is different all around the world, our weather systems are all very interconnected. We have been learning about different kinds of weather systems and natural phenomena that have an impact on our lives. This week we learned about Hurricanes, Thunderstorms, and Tornado’s . With Experience Early Learning we are given several different activities that help build the children’s knowledge about the subject of the week. Areas of learning are Language, Literacy, Math and Reasoning, Creative Arts and Music /Movement.


Hurricane’s are giant tropical storms that produce heavy rainfall and super-strong winds. This activity gave the kids an opportunity to make their own hurricane on paper with paint. We talked about how fast the wind can be and that at the center of the storm it is calm.


Thunderstorms are small, intense weather systems that make strong winds, heavy rain, lightning and thunder. We made thunder shakers to mimic the sound of thunder. We asked questions and learning that some of our kids are scared of thunder and some of lighting but all are ok with the rain.


Judah practiced swinging his butterfly around watching as the wind from his spinning would pick it up into the air.


Nolan practiced making tornadoes with our ribbon at the park pretending to swirl it like the air would in a tornado. We observed several weather phenomenon this week and the tornado was their favorite. They were fascinated to see what they believe as a cloud spinning and picking things up.

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